Why did I just eat that?

How your food cravings tell a bigger story about your health!

Food craving seem simple and not a lot of people take them into account. But the reality is that if you crave something too much, it can tell quite a lot of stuff about your health. For example, ice ravings are linked to low iron levels. So you really have to identify what’s the problem and what cravings mean for your health.

A lot of people crave chocolate for example. This is mostly a dopamine filled crave, and the problem is that it allows you to feel good. You also encounter theobromine and magnesium, which ends up lowering stress levels and promoting muscle relaxation in ways you would not imagine.

In case you crave sweets, you will notice that these contain sugar and it makes you feel good. That doesn’t mean it’s healthy, on the contrary it’s far from that actually. You want to make sure that you adjust and adapt everything to suit your needs and the return on investment can be more than ok due to that. It’s one amazing opportunity to consider here and one that does tend to pay off immensely in that perspective.

With that in mind, it’s important to take your time as you try to figure out what happens when you crave cheese. Cheese has l-tryptophan which boosts mood and relaxation. So if you crave cheese, you are most likely trying to find a way to relax your body and the results can indeed be more than ok in the end.

What about soda cravings? You may not notice this, but the reality is that this comes from calcium deficiency. And some people want it because it delivers a sweet caffeine hit that they need in order to stay awake for a very long time. The reasons differ from a person to the other, but results can indeed be more than ok in that perspective.

If you crave potato chips, you most likely want healthy fats and you go for these chips that aren’t really healthy. That’s definitely a huge issue and you have to eliminate the crave as fast as possible as it’s not going to be healthy for you in any way.

For people that crave pretzels, they tend to have a lack of zinc, magnesium and calcium. The same thing happens if you crave spicy salsa, although in this case you need to increase your metabolism and want an adrenalin rush.

The bottom line is that each food will come with a different set of challenges and it can indeed help you quite a lot in that perspective. It works quite nicely if you take care of what you eat. But if you encounter craves, it’s clear that something is wrong, so you do need to find anything in your power to reach amazing results. Talk with a nutritionist and try to keep a healthy diet if you can. Otherwise you will end up with cravings, and these are clearly warning signals.