Alexis Moore The Mom: I’m a single mom of One beautiful little girl based in Houston, TX. I’m also a certified personal trainer and health coach, a self-motivated mom with an active lifestyle who developed holistic health plans to help her clients implement workable workout program with nutrition tips to live a healthy lifestyle.

Alexis Moore The Certified Health Coach & Fitness Trainer: Helping my clients attain holistic health in a world where achieving optimum health is a daily challenge is my #1 goal! My objective is to offer services I have personally experienced in different areas of my life. Meaning that I want to impact your life with the skills I gained while handling my personal challenges in different areas of my life.

I offer holistic fitness programs that include a blend of well-researched guidelines for a healthy lifestyle, result oriented workout Program, practical and impeccable nutrition tips for optimum health.

I am skilled in the following areas: health and fitness, motivational speaking, nutritional health, adult communication disorder advocacy, natural health positivity and life transformation practice.

I use these skills and my personal experiences to bring reality to my client’s fitness program whereby you can achieve direct benefits that will transform your life remarkably within a short period in a lasting and sustainable manner.