Beyond Fit

Alexis Moore

"For years I've helped many women like you to release their negative habits, and overcome all the negative things that life throws at them. This is so they can break any obstacle and finally achieve all their goals. And now... you can be like them too!"

"Within 90-days, I'll guide you through the life-changing health and wellness journey, which will help you move from 'just good' to Great... or better yet, Perfect!"

Do any of the following statements sound relatable to you?

  • You're seeking for a way to earn more money for your everyday living, and you want to provide the best life for your child .

  • You've become easily stressed out whenever you face even the simplest of problems in your life.

  • You want to become a successful business owner, but you're not sure whether you can do it or not.

  • You're feeling lost and stuck in your personal life, especially in the role of motherhood.

  • You feel unhealthy physically and mentally, and you're seeking for a way to change your lifestyle.

Now, have you ever dreamed of one of these things?

  • Being able to break all the limitations and obstacles in pursuing your goals. Achieve success in your personal life and professional career so you can be a successful role model for your child.

  • Gain clarity and peace of mind so you can stop being anxious, eliminate self-doubt, and feel inspired every time you wake up in the morning.

  • Be a better version of you so there will be no more impossible things you can't

  • do... And you can manifest all your dreams into reality.

  • Live a healthier lifestyle to achieve wealth mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Now, listen to this:

Being a mother who wants to give the best for her family would never just be an easy journey to pass for anyone.

There will be many things that block you from pursuing your goals and achieving success in your personal life and career.

I clearly understand that.

I, too, was a mother who had a big dream for myself and my little ones. And yes, it wasn't an easy journey for me either.

But fortunately, I was able to break through all the limitations and obstacles... And today, I'm living my dream life.

In case this is the first time you've heard about me, here's a little bit of information about me:

My name is Alexis Moore. I'm a certified personal trainer and health coach. The first thing you should always remember about me is...

Alexis Moore

I clearly understand how life as a mother sometimes can be stressful, and it's not easy for anyone.

...I clearly understand how the challenge of being a busy parent.

…And yes, I also understand how as a woman, the fear of failure sometimes blocks us from dreaming big, and keeps us stuck in our career.

But, as I said earlier, I was able to achieve success in my personal life and career.

Today, I live happily with my child. I'm healthy and wealthy… physically, spiritually, and mentally.

I support my family financially by doing something I love, which is being a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach.

Since I became a Personal Trainer and Health Coach, I have been so fortunate to work with many women, helping them to achieve their goals, and transforming their challenges into success.

I am so thankful and fortunate to have found my purpose, and I am truly passionate about making a positive difference in other people's lives.

And now...

If you want me to show you the right path to becoming the best version of yourself, I'll be happy to help you!

Alexis Moore

The 'key' to living a better life as well as being able to succeed in your personal life and professional career, and be a better version of you is:

Start to fix yourself.

Here's what I mean...

Whether you're struggling in your career, feeling lost and stuck in your relationship and in the role of motherhood, or always feel insecure throughout your days... These can be a sign that there's something wrong within yourself.

There's something that needs to be fixed.

For example, you won't be able to focus on growing your own business if your always feeling insecure. You'll always be haunted by the fear of failure and self-doubt, that will keep saying you won't make it.

...Or if you have unhealthy habits, your body will always feel sick. You won't even smile widely every morning if you don't feel fresh and healthy.

Is that the life you want? Always being frustrated with your own life, lost, and stuck in the same situation for years.

Of course, there's no one who wants to live like this.

But... If you have a peaceful mind, you can be healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually...'s what will happen to your life.

  • Your life will be back on the right track again, and you can live with a peaceful mind.

  • You'll always have the right mindset to solve any problems you're facing in your life.

  • You'll be more passionate about growing your career, without being too stressed by your job. Instead, you'll enjoy the process because you work on something you're really passionate about.

  • You can boost your productivity without being burned out by your job.

  • You'll be able to let go of the fear and worry that's holding you back from taking positive action that could bring a huge positive impact on your life.

  • You can eliminate all your unhealthy habits to make yourself be healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually.

And that's not all!

There will be more amazing things that will happen in your life, once you've transformed into a better version of you.

If this is exactly what you want and need right now, here's how I can help you:

I've created a coaching program, which is designed to help you move from Good to Great on your Health and Wellness Journey.

Throughout the program, we'll work together for 90-days.

There are many things we'll do over the next 90 days. Starting from setting the right mindset, creating a workout plan to make you stronger and healthier, to keeping you motivated during the transformation journey, and much more.

So, what do you say?

Alexis Moore


Beyond FIT is a 90-days coaching program designed to help you move from Good to Great on a life-changing Health and Wellness Journey.

This coaching program is divided into these following six modules:


The first module will help you discover "What's your Why", and it will help you to always be motivated and inspired as well as keep you going through the journey. This will be started by acknowledging your past, but not allowing yourself to be bound by it.


This is where we're going to work on your physical health. We'll do it by creating a new workout plan with Health and Wellness Goals, along with going over the food and nutrition you should start to consume.


On the next module, I'll give you some motivation that maybe won't last forever, but, it'll give you a strong determination that will help you finish your life-changing health and wellness journey successfully.


At this point, you should have made some positive changes in your life. And on this module, we'll manage your results. I call this the maintenance journey after the journey.


On the fifth module, I'll introduce you to the community where you can get support from other people during your journey to wellness. It'll be fun, and I'm sure you'll love it!


On the sixth module, I'll help you maintain your result, and make sure you can actually go Beyond FIT.

Alexis Moore

It's actually a very small investment if you compare the price with all the benefits you can get once you're enrolled in this coaching program.

Just ask yourself: Why should I wait longer to live a better life?

If this is what you need, there's no logical reason not to get off the fence, and get started today.


Alexis Moore